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Final Project: Digital Mirror

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Custom Skateboard Deck

This was a fun one! First, I collected, sorted, and sanded eight different pieces of thin wood. I spray painted the board (admittedly, I should have waited until after I formed the board). The next step was forming the board. I used wood glue to quickly glue each piece of wood in a stack. Then, I placed the wood inside a clear plastic bag, on top of a styrafoam mold in the shape of a skateboard. I used a plastic pump to suck all the air out of the bag, and, magically, the wood formed into the right shape. It sat for 24 hours. The next day I took the board out and assessed the damage. It had formed well, but the wood glue had stained my beautiful deck!

Not too worry, I thought. I used the scrubbing power of walnut shells from the soap at the CTIC sink to rub off quite a bit of the glue. Next, I darkened the black and added some dope white stripes. Finally, I stamped my "CAMPANELLI" stamp (see Rubber Stamp) on the bottom. Next was the laquer. I put more than 4 coats on the bottom, which gave it a mirror like shinyness that looks spectacular. I'm planning to add grip tape to the other side, and then mount it on my wall at home.

Soldering Project

We were given a kit, and we had to solder! Mine was a little Simon Says game.

Arduino Project

Our next assignment was to make cool stuff happen with an Arduino Uno microcontroller. I modified code on the blinking light project to make it blink long and short like morse code.

Laser Cut LED Plane Map

Landing Now

This is designed to run LEDs from an onboard arduino that light up when planes land at each of the airports.

Custom Chocolate Bar Mold

The first step was to model. I used meshmixer to cut my face off of the 3D scan from the 3D printed head project. I then sent the file to Mr. Gerber, who milled it for me. Here is the final mill after about 8 hours of fun:

Next I mixed and poured silicone to make a mold. Finally, I poured liquid chocolate and enjoyed a narcissistic snack.

Stickers of my Face

Next in line of my seemingly narcissistic projects was printing out stickers of my face. I photoshopped my face, and printed out stickers.

I 3D Printed My Head

It turned out great.

First, Spenser scanned my head with a cool device (I don't know the official name) which is an iPad with a Kinect on the back (it's a little more complicated than this, and has less brand names). It uses lasers, cameras, and a little magic and after someone walks around you with the scanner, out pops a 3D model! Next, I had to touch up a few holes on the top of my head where I wasn't able to be scanned. Then I printed it! It took a little less than an hour to print from heating to the final layer. After that, I tried a new 3d print finish to make it shiny. Here is the final product:

Water Bottle Engraving

It was S'well

I decided to bite the bullet and laser engrave my S'well, instead of using one of the bottles available. When using the rotary attatchment, all designs must be turned sideways, because of the way the rotorary turns the objects. I measured the bottle correctly, but for some reason, the text engraved slightly lower than I would have liked by a few millimeters. This is much better than the bottle breaking or the laser cutter burning a hole in the ceiling.

Rubber Stamp

I made a rubber stamp with my last name on it. It was as easy as changing a few settings on the laser cutter. Here's what it looks like:

Raspberry Pi Case Challenge: Update

Sad news

So, between now and the last time I posted, Fusion 360 decided to revert my Raspberry Pi Case CAD files to an older, broken version. :( It's too bad, but these things happen.

Laser Cut Box

My first experience with the laser cutter.

C-Squad Basketball Jersey

Get hyped

Last year, I played team basketball for the first time in years. I was placed on the C-Squad team. On C-Squad, we never played other schools. Instead, we split up into smaller teams and had multiple seasons in which we played each other. I became known for my orange Nike Hyperdunk 2014's and my three pointers. I made a jersey with an 👌 emoji that I photoshopped to the same colors as my shoes. Then, on the back, I wrote my name and the number three in the orange colors I used on the 👌.

Raspberry Pi Case Challenge: Part 1

The design

The challenge: make a case for the Raspberry Pi 2B. Materials: Fusion 360 modeling software, a Raspberry Pi 2B, and digital calipers. Instead of making a case with a lid, I made more of a display case/bowl idea where the Pi board sits in the case with nothing on top. Here are pictures of the final design. Next week I will print it out! Stay tuned to see if my design worked!

Marshmallow Design Challenge

Wir haben gewonnen.

The challenge: build the tallest tower possible with only a pack of spaghetti, a piece of string, tape, and a marshmallow (must be on the top). The team: me, Steven, and Alex. We started by building a square base with four vertical pieces of spaghetti. On top of that, we placed a second square with four more vertical noodles. These pieces were connected to four more, one on each, and then met at the marshmallow. We ended up winning the challenge!

About Me

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Hi! My name is Peter Campanelli. I'm a student at Western Reserve Academy, where I run cross country, build model bridges, work in the Admissions and Technology offices, play drums, and represent my class on student council. Outside of WRA, I make websites and apps, enjoy Chipotle, spend way too much time on social media, and curate tasteful Spotify playlists. On this website, I will chronicle the adventures explain all the fun projects I've made for Mr. Gerber's Digital Engineering and Fabrication course.

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